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WSS Council Agreements

The following was developed by the 2014-15 Core Council, a list of mutually agreed-upon values that guide our working as a collaborative community.

  • Honor the woman’s way: the process IS the goal. HOW we treat each other is as important as the work we get done.
  • Honor the divine within oneself and the gifts that each woman brings: We listen with an open mind, set aside judgments and cultivate compassion. We are willing to change, willing to learn.
  • Commitment to our Community: We tend the tasks we’ve undertaken in a timely and conscientious way.
  • Honor our own health and well being. We take care of our needs and ask for help when we need it.
  • Express Gratitude: We foster an environment for open communication and positive relationships by expressing gratitude regularly for each other’s community service.
  • Sowing trust within our community: We agree to make WSS business decisions with “transparency” –with each other and the larger WSS Community. We agree to speak respectfully with and about one another during and outside of our meetings, honoring personal privacy.
  • Honor our meeting time constraints: we have the highest intention to show up on time for our meetings and stay until the end.
  • We create sacred space that promotes common welfare by being respectful and holding ourselves, and others, as capable and accountable.
  • Respect for meeting agenda, facilitator and topic at hand: We have much business to attend to so we agree to self-regulate by staying on topic. We are willing to accept a gentle reminder about this when needed, gracefully and without offense.
  • Decision-Making: Whenever possible, we strive to make decisions by consensus. If necessary, we use majority vote.
  • Step up, Step back: We offer our perspectives during discussions and our hands-on help for getting things done; we also open the space for others to speak and/or step forward.
  • Deal with challenges with integrity: If we disagree with another’s point of view, we lean into the challenge with love. If emotions arise, we remember that our reactions teach us valuable lessons. When we feel the need to work through an issue with someone in the group, we do so compassionately, in a timely way, through direct conversation on the phone or in person (not e-mail). If a 3rd person would be helpful to “hold space” for clearing, we request support from another in Council.
  • WSS Vision: We agree to hold sacred and follow the guidance of the WSS Vision.