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Women’s Summer Solstice is a labor of love–each year a handful of women step forward to give of their time, sweat, tears, and love to create this powerful event.

The Council meets monthly (by phone, video-chat or in person) working in accordance with the WSS Council Agreements.  Each member of the Core Council works with one or more women, creating committees, to address the various elements of the event . There are a few meetings a year when we welcome the larger WSS community to share feedback and give input into the planning process. In the meantime, feel free to contact us if you have a concern, a question, or an offering of your time and talent. If this work calls to you, we welcome you to step forward at the end of the next Women’s Summer Solstice to get involved for the following year. The bonds crated by serving our sisters are truly one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.


Meet the Members of the 2017 Council


IMG_0603-2Emily Smith, Vision Keeper

It is my pure pleasure to care for this gathering daily–holding the energy, envisioning, and leading the Council.  My first Solstice was in 1999, and while I have missed a few here and there, the gathering instantly became a part of me. I am the woman I am, walking the path before me, in large part because of the transformational magic that is Women’s Summer Solstice. I have served on the council off and on throughout the years—my most current service began in 2011. It is hard work—mostly joyous, sometimes heartbreaking, always enriching, and I am grateful for every minute of it. As the Vision Keeper, I have pledged to hold the pieces of the gathering together and to support the efforts of the Council and all the women who come forth to give to the community.



IMG_9386Thérèse Charvet, Intercessor.  

I have attended WSS since 2007, initially as a sweatlodge-pourer and later as the coordinator of the Rites of Passage ceremony. My partner Tere and I co-direct an eco-retreat called Sacred Groves located on Bainbridge Island where I run a ‘Womens Mysteries School’ so this stuff is near and dear to my heart.  This is my third year on Council. Although in past years I dealt with many left-brained tasks (Finances and Registration), my true passion is the ceremonies, which I believe are what brings us together at the heart and soul level and supports our wholeness and healing.  I will be involved in ceremonies and sweatlodge at WSS again this year, this time as Intercessor, or Chair of Ceremonies. I have committed much time and energy into WSS as my “service” on behalf of the Divine Feminine. I believe it is so important for women to come together in honor of Mother Earth for healing and rejuvenation.  And this event is unique in that it includes our girl-children who are our future; they need to know about the many faces of the goddess (their own too of course!) and the many ways to honor and celebrate ourselves as women.


Lynn in white dress

Lynn Kunkle

 I started coming to Solstice in 2011 and really had no idea what to expect. I just knew that I needed a weekend away and decided to check out this gathering of women. Because I work in a masculine environment and have a husband and son at home I am surrounded by testosterone. Thus, I have been seeking a feminine sisterhood for a long time. I found that sisterhood at Solstice amongst women I had never met before. It is such a rewarding experience to honor the Divine Feminine inside me that I knew I had to continue attending each year. We gather each year at Solstice to honor our femininity. My healing history is as a Reiki 2 energy healer and I am very interested in the work of the Peruvian Shaman. In my professional life I am a Registered Nurse and work full-time in that profession. Please come join me and your sisters this year at Solstice.




Jennifer Sundstrom

2009 was my first Solstice experience.  I had a bit of a chip on my shoulder when I first arrived, ignorant of the landscape and community, and I participated, with great trepidation, in my very first sweatlodge.  It was only months after the event that I realized how profoundly impacted I was.  My experience at Solstice Sweatlodge allowed me to shift my relationship with words like ‘prayer’ and ‘faith’ into something else, something deeper and more fulfilling in my life.  Magic happens at Solstice, and I get to be part of creating that magic with some of the most amazing women I know, whose talent, vision, and capacity for love rival the Goddess herself.  I welcome you and invite you to come and experience some magic for yourself.





Corinna Michels, Sacred Grounds

Corinna found WSS in 2009 and it has been her heart and soul ever since. She lives in Yakima, WA, representing our East Side Sisters, and works as a Family Nurse Practitioner at a community clinic. With every spare moment she can find she is out enjoying the incredible hiking, skiing, river, and of course, wineries, that Central Washington has to offer. She loves her home and she loves her WSS family.





Tere Carranza, Sweatlodge

Diana Lynn

Ada Danelo

Jerri River Horse, Crone Wisdom Keeper and Community Outreach 

Dwynne Furberg

Martha Soriano