Solstice 2018

Early bird registration is Mar 1 – 31, 2018

Solstice 2018 June 21-24

Dance in a Circle of Women; Weaving the Web of Sisterhood

We are pleased to announce that after much prayer, conversation, and collaboration we have decided on the theme for 2018. The theme came to use from our desire to explore the ways in which we, as women, touch each others’ lives. A heart thread connects us when we have been in circle together, and all those threads create a glimmering web of sisterhood. This brings us joy and we dance in celebration and manifestation of this web that holds us and supports us.

We will be bringing a new song and dance to ceremony!

Dance in a Circle of Women,

© 1998, Marie Summerwood


Dance in a circle of women,

Make a web of my life,

Hold me as I spiral and spin,

Make a web of my life.