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spiral of lifeWorkshops are an integral part of the Solstice Gathering. All participants are welcome to attend and lead workshops throughout the Solstice weekend. Past workshops have included early morning yoga, sunrise pipe ceremony, belly dance, visualization meditations, astrology, plaster breast casting, tie-dye, drumming, Native American flutes, as well as special activities for children. Workshop topics are limited only by the curiosity, imagination, and expertise of those in attendance who would like to share with others.

Workshops are not held during any of our all-camp ceremonies, and are independently scheduled by each workshop leader. Leading a workshop, if you choose to do so, is considered a gift to the community of your special skills and knowledge rather than part of your scheduled work shifts. Workshops can be up to 2 hours in length and can include whatever you wish to share. More specific information about leading a workshop will be provided in the Welcome Packet.

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