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Sweat Lodge


Sweat Lodge

There are a variety of sweat traditions found in nearly every culture around the world and through time.  Our lodges are Rainbow Lodges, meaning that we embrace and welcome all teachings and traditions.  Our Solstice Lodge is made from materials the land has to offer.

Women’s Summer Solstice has been offering Sweat lodges for many years. We have a group of experienced pourers and firetenders that are present to help you in any way we can with your experience.

“This is the Ceremony of Purification.  …This is the place to pray for the realization of your heart’s true desire…

A traditional Native American Sweat Lodge is constructed of 12 to 16 willow sapling poles. One end of each pole is staked into the ground, bent over in a dome shape, and tied in the center to its opposite pole, creating a circle.  … A shallow pit, about a foot deep, is dug out of the center of the space within the Lodge… The stones are heated in sacred fire.  At the beginning of each round, a number of stones, specified by the person pouring the Sweat, are brought into the pit in the center of the Lodge.  Next, a bucket of water is brought in for pouring on the rocks after each prayer.  This creates the steam of purification. Certain sacred herbs are brushed on the hot stones to create Prayer Smoke.  …People come to a lodge to do deep healing work… Each Lodge is different, and each Lodge experience is an opportunity to commune with spirit and emerge reborn”

(Excerpt from PATH of the WHITE WOLF – an Introduction to the Shaman’s Way by our own Sandy D’entremont and Robin Tekwelus.)

Detailed information regarding lodge and lodge etiquette will be available at check in and on the sign up board at the Information Tent. Please check the sign-up board for a description of lodge styles and information your ceremony leader will want you to know in advance.  It is traditional to give a gift to the pourer, the fire tenders, and those that support your lodge.  Should you choose to do so, you may give whatever seems appropriate to you.  Gifts of loose tobacco, cornmeal, smudging herbs, or chocolate are good choices.

An Honoring for Pourers, Firetenders and Support will be during the closing ceremony on Sunday