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Sacred Space and Ceremonies

The ceremony that is Women’s Summer Solstice begins as you  journey to our gathering.  As you travel, take a moment to breathe and gather your thoughts.  Can you feel a tug on your heart and hear your sisters’ calling?  You are invited to the sacred space of  ‘Women’s Circle.’ If it is in your expressive nature, you are encouraged to bring face paints and other adornments, your scarves and fabrics, wings and head-dresses, all to represent your goddess self!

The power of women in circle and ceremony has been experienced throughout the ages and around the globe.  By coming together in song, celebration, and prayer, we connect-into an invisible field, a deep well of womb-an love and support  where we can be fed and nourished.   These ceremonies are the heart of WSS and have been a part of WSS’s tradition for nearly three decades.  They weave us together at deep levels and also connect us backward and forward in time, to our greatest grandmothers, to the wise medicine women of the past, as well as to our great granddaughters, the wise women of the future.  

Earth Weaving (Opening Ceremony)

Together we’ll delight in casting our sacred space for the weekend, calling the elements that support our time together.   Plan to meet and greet, sing,  and move as we focus our intentions for our time together and honor each other and ourselves.  For our Earth-Weaving ceremony, please bring a handful of earth, sand or soil from somewhere meaningful to you. It can be from your own garden, a sacred place you visit regularly of  from your travels.  You will mix your soil with that from your sisters and the soil carried over from year to year held in the gourd “She-Who.” This ritual honors the earth as well as WSS’s “her-story,” tying us all together from the past to the future.

Rites of Passage

Our lives have many stages of growth from cradle to grave.  We support each other and our maturation process as we acknowledge and honor the initiatory passages that take us to the depths and transform us into wise, empowered women.   This ceremony will honor Birth (new mothers, new babies),  Maidens (first blood), Crones (newly menopausal women), and Death (sisters who have passed away).  We also will provide the opportunity for women who have experienced initiation journeys (death/loss of partner, sexual violation, serious illness or injury, or recovery from addiction) to gather with each other, be witnessed and honored for their courage.

  • Friday afternoon – small group opportunity for women who have experienced one of these passages to sit with others and share their journeys.
  • Friday evening – culmination of these discussions and an opportunity for the entire community to honor and witness the journeys of our sisters.

Solstice Ceremony

The longest day calls us to shine!  Please wear something yellow, white, or gold to this ceremony. We will reflect the Sun’s radiance and welcome the summer season with joy and gratitude!

Give Away

The flow of life includes both giving and receiving.  For more to flow our way, we must “give away” some of the abundance we already have.  For this ceremony, we each bring something to give away. Please do NOT buy anything; rather choose from what you already have, something special, sacred and well-loved, something from a past phase of life ready to be released.   There is often a bit of magic in this ceremony: what you receive can open new doors for you; what you give away can be the perfect thing for the one who receives it.  And the ceremony will bond you with someone in a mysterious way.

Sacred Theatre of the Goddess

Sacred Theatre is based on the idea that your life is a great play–rich dialogue, cast of thousands, many scenes and locations, terrific drama, soul-stirring action.  You are invited to step onto the sacred stage of your life for more energy, more expressiveness, more playfulness, more creativity, and a clearer understanding of the beauty of your life.  Will the goddess call you to sing, dance, tell a story or otherwise share her bounty in sacred space?  Wait and listen within!  If not, please come anyway to honor those who are called to share!


We are honored to offer this ancient ritual, a deeply healing ceremony that will be held several times over the course of the week-end for those who feel called.   An overview of Sweatlodge ritual is this:  A ceremonial fire is laid with 30-50 stones in the fire.  The fire burns for 2+ hours heating the stones.  While the stones are heating we connect with the fire and make prayer bundles to help focus our intentions. Once the rocks are heated, we enter the lodge.  Some of the stones are brought in with a pitchfork.  The door is covered.  We sit in total darkness, praying and singing for as long as it takes for everyone to say their prayers, led by the “water-pourer” who pours water on the stones to create steam.  When the time is right, the door is opened and that “round” is over.  People can get out and cool off between rounds.  We usually do four rounds.  Sweatlodges generally last 3-4 hours. For more info see our Sweatlodge page.

Pipe Ceremony and Closing Ceremony

Sacred Pipe Ceremony gives our prayers and gratitude to Spirit!  We conclude with Earth Weaving, giving thanks and recognition for all who worked throughout the year to prepare this event, and to gather our sisters for next year’s volunteer committee.