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What is the Moonlodge?

The Moonlodge is a tent located on the grounds of WSS. It is a sacred space, a Red Tent, used to honor our wombs and our bleeding time. This space is for women who have reached the age of menarche–we ask that mothers instruct their children and young maidens to respect the intent of the space and not enter.

Why do we gather in Moonlodge?

In the Moonlodge, we turn inward for renewal and self-care. We allow our sisters to serve and honor us as we serve and honor them.  We gather to stake claim to our birthright—the wisdom and power of the blood mysteries. We sit in Moonlodge to honor and listen to our wombs—to learn to trust Spirit and our inner knowing. Together, we seek to find the root of our ambivalence and disconnection from our bleeding cycle, and to honor, rather than disdain, our menstrual blood. We examine the cultural and personal factors that contribute to any sense of embarrassment or disgust—so that we may release them. We gather to restore the tradition of bleeding women taking respite, and allowing themselves to nurture and care for themselves and each other.

What do we do in Moonlodge?

  • Women who are currently bleeding may enter the Moonlodge to rest and pamper themselves during special Red Tent Hours. All women are welcome during “Open Lodge”.
  • We will offer guided lodges for prayer, healing and sisterhood and to regain our pride and reverence for our bleeding cycle.
  • We gather to share our stories—to talk openly, and without shame, about our menstrual cycles and our bodies. We share our stories of our transition through menarche and we welcome the new sisters in with reverence and celebration.

First Blood Ceremony. 

One of the most treasured traditions in the Solstice community is the Right of Passage for our young women who have experienced menarche. The young women can attend workshops and talking circles in preparation. The community will honor them during the Rights of Passage ceremony and they may then spend the night in the Moonlodge, on the night of the ceremony. The next morning the community sings them awake and, as they emerge, they can bask in the glow of our love as we welcome our young sisters to the tribe of women!

If you have a young woman in your party that has yet to be honored in this way, please indicate so on the registration form.