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Sacred Commerce:  Complementary Currencies for Energetic Exchange

Sharing our Abundance at Solstice

There are many ways to perceive, receive, and redistribute abundance in a diversely gifted community; ‘being in the flow’ can literally translate to ‘living in the gift’.  We go to the fire, to the lodge, and to the garage sale to let things go spiritually, emotionally, AND physically!  We entrust those around us to witness, facilitate, and participate in the release and clearing, then joyfully receive the gratitude and support from them stimulated into action through the process.   By giving your attention to that which you believe is good for your body, mind and soul, you are supporting what is good for all… for that which supports you in return.

Intentionally supporting our sisters, our mothers and daughters, matriarchs and menarches through the conscious exchange of energy in all its forms is an essential element of Women’s Summer Solstice Camp.  We offer three complementary currency flows to engage in, so everyone has a good way to experience the joy of being a vessel for our gifts to through to one another and all around the circle.

Money & Magic Marketplace

While Love is the currency of choice at Solstice, there is a place for monetary exchange in today’s world; and items you desire to bring into your life are being made by a Solstice Sister with love right now!  Set some dough aside to bring what you might otherwise spend at a thrift store or on machine-made things, and give it to those who are crafting local, handmade versions for their artistic livelihoods.  The generous exchange of money makes magic materialize… simply by perceiving it as our gift to offer as thanks to those who’ve touched our lives with their skill, services, and stuff.

The Solstice Marketplace is a magical space created by the community, for the community, where unexpected treasures, beautiful creations, and delightful gifts for yourself or others can be bought, bartered, and begged. The tapestry you’ve replaced may be just the thing for the young woman who made those feather earrings you love!  In the past we have had drums, rattles, pouches, capes, jewelry, gourds, books, herbal products, fairy attire and other things…the possibilities are as endless as our collective cupboards.

Goddess Garage Sale and Gratitude Gifting

Enjoy treasure-hunting at its best at the Goddess Garage Sale – it’s like going through your best friends closets! Solstice is a wonderful place to bring those objects that are ready for their new story.  Things from your own home that a sister, youth, or elder will find valuable so that it finds a new home in the community (items not picked up with a contribution, given away, or taken home after Solstice are donated to Goodwill).

You may bring/find books, clothing, costuming, altar objects, music, art and more.  Please donate funds to demonstrate appreciation for what your newfound treasure is worth to you.  Proceeds from the Garage Sale partially fund the Goddess Grants that help women facing financial challenges to attend our event and benefit from the healing and community spirit.

Solstice Silent Auction and Raffle

Many of the items made by women in the Solstice community are highly prized, such as artwork and natural health products.  There will be items displayed during mealtimes that you can either bid on or purchase a raffle ticket to win.  Again, the flow of abundance comes from each of you – those who set up in the Marketplace are asked to contribute an item for the Auction or Raffle, and winners are drawn and announced at Sunday breakfast.  All who are called to contribute, please refer to contact information in the Registration Packet.

Sacred Exchange Benefits Each AND All

The Women’s Summer Solstice organization exists solely to create this annual camp for the community to come together in celebration, reflection, and perfect imperfection, from woman to clan to planet.  All proceeds from economic exchanges go directly to funding the next camp, and committee roles are all volunteer positions.  Goddess Grants allow all who are called to participate in the exchange to do so in balance with their available offerings.  Additionally, donations received year to year offset individual ticket prices for the next year, keeping them considerably lower than the actual cost per person!

 **If you are registered to attend Solstice this year and would like to offer your wares in the Marketplace, please find more specific information in the Welcome Packet. **

~~  Blessings and Gratitude  ~~