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Wellbeing and Divine Beauty

The Wellbeing and Divine Beauty area at Solstice is about bringing awareness or consciousness along with kindness (mercy) to what has been held in judgment and fear.  All women at the Solstice Gathering may give or receive healing in its many forms including Reiki, massage, energy work, tarot, and other healing work. This exchange is a gift of Love, not monetary, and is an opportunity to rejuvenate our spirits, heighten our energy, heal pain, and gain insights and meaning. We are all healers.  If you wish to donate your time as a healer, please consider sharing your special skill(s) as a part of your service shift work exchange.

When you register, please indicate your healing modality on the registration form. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Wellbeing Practitioners

Please be prepared to bring the following for your two-2 hour service shifts in gifting your talents:

  • If you will use one of our provided tables, please bring linens to cover the table for at least 8 clients (half hour treatments.)
  • Pillows, bolsters or table padding that you like to work with.
  • Oils, creams, or lotions that you like to use.
  • Your own table if you prefer to use it. **Solstice is not responsible for the care and use of the table if you choose to share it.**
  • Anything else that is pertinent to your healing work that will support you, such as crystals, sacred feathers, etc.