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Childrens Activities

Children’s Activities 

We are delighted to have daughters and babies attend our Solstice Gathering! Girls are an integral part of the weekend and they bring a very special magic.  Watching daughters who return year after year grow into women in our female-affirming community is an extraordinary experience.  Daughters of any age are welcome and infant boys are welcome up to age 30 months.

Please keep in mind that the ultimate responsibility for the children’s comfort, well-being, and safety rests at all times with their mothers or the adult who accompanies them to the event. Organized childcare is not provided at this event.  We encourage mothers to coordinate with each other to allow each of you some mama alone time to receive a wellness session, attend a workshop, or simply slip into the arms of the Great Mother in meditation.

Girls are encouraged to share in all ceremonies and workshops that are appropriate for their level of maturity.  We ask that mothers/caretakers carefully guide the girls’ choices. Children under 8 must have an adult supervisor accompanying them to all Fairy Activities (workshops, the Fairy Tent, craft time, etc.) unless otherwise notified (sometimes fairies need to plan sneaky sparkly silliness, and Fairy Goddess Mother will let them know where to go and when.)

fairy 3Fairy Activities

There will be a number of planned children’s activities during the weekend. These will include singing, storytelling, crafts, fairy hunts and nature walks, as well as preparing for participation in ceremony.  More detailed information can be found in the Welcome Packet.